Behind the Easel: Laura Lacambra Shubert Prepares for Synergy


Gracious entertaining and effortless elegance…these are the themes that come to mind when standing before one of Laura Lacambra Shubert’s sophisticated paintings. Her sunny, comfortable spaces invite the viewer to escape into a peaceful retreat, whether it be sipping a drink at an outdoor café or reading a favorite novel on a cushioned windowsill. In her latest series of work for the upcoming group exhibition Synergy, Shubert continues to please the senses and to push herself creatively with new inspiration and energy.

Reflecting on her artistic process, Shubert notes, "for this show, I worked a lot with juxtaposing thin grounds with heavy impasto details, making seemingly delicate objects like tea cups or light in interiors more masculine and direct in their impact.” In Blue and White Tea Cups(shown above), Shubert demonstrates this painterly touch. “I enjoyed leaving thin washes of blank canvas in the midst of finished compositions. Drips, while haphazard, demonstrate the artist's hand in the painting process and are left as is on the finished canvas, another counterpoint to the feminine themes.” 

When speaking about her life as an artist, Shubert's passion for painting is clear and undeniable. “People often seem curious about the life of an artist- I love it, but I also think it's a bit like asking how I enjoy having brown eyes- truly, it's simply who I am. Whether I'm actively working on a painting, or not, my mind is always 'at work' on something I would describe as creative. When I take a break from painting to travel, or to spend the summer with my kids, I'm continually engaged creatively and find that I almost always return with new ideas and inspirations." 

"On occasion, I've had periods when I've produced work that I'm not pleased with...during those struggles, I still have to paint every day, knowing that the more I paint, the closer I will get to working through the problem. I'm very disciplined about my studio time and get exhilarated when a painting is completed quickly and seamlessly. Most of the time, however, I struggle mid-painting with a conflict in the work and am not happy until I've accomplished what I am attempting. That accomplishment is a huge high for me and is what I think of when I'm asked what it's like to be an artist -- glorious!”

Meet Laura Lacambra Shubert at Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra on Friday, October 18th for the opening reception of the group exhibition, Synergy, from 6-9 PM.


240 A1A N #13
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082


240 A1A N #13
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
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