The Glitz (and Not So Glam!) of Preparing for a Show

Preparing for a show at Stellers

I love the days leading up to an exhibition opening at the gallery! There is such a good energy before a show…hard to explain exactly, but I think it has something to do with the excitement and anticipation for “what could be…”; the intangible magic that sometimes clicks when you bring the right work together under the same roof.

The week leading up to the big night is when Hillary and I are undoubtedly at our busiest! So much goes on behind the scenes to get everything looking glam! If you have visited the gallery the week of an opening, you know it can appear a bit frenzied at times with artwork leaning against any and every available wall. Hillary and I prefer to think of it as organized chaos (there is a method to our madness!). We lay out all of the artwork that will be featured in the show before hanging a single piece. Careful decisions are made about which paintings will hang next to each other, taking into consideration factors such as color harmony, spatial orientation, and the gallery’s floor plan.

If you have spoken with Hillary or myself in the gallery, you may have heard us say that paintings “speak to each other.” What do we mean by this? Artwork that is displayed in the same viewing area visually interact. They may pick up tones from a nearby painting or one may overpower another with a brighter palette or more energetic brushstrokes. Ideally, we are thinking about arrangements that are visually harmonious, which is especially significant when hanging for a show. All in all, it is a bit a like putting together a puzzle piece by piece…challenging in the beginning, but so rewarding when it all comes together to create the big picture!

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