Ready to Commission Your First Painting?

Shanti Installation

Great news! After weeks...maybe even months...on the hunt for the perfect piece, you have finally found the artist whose work really speaks to you! You can envision the painting in your space and are sure that it will be the perfect feature...the focal point that will set the right tone for the whole room. But what if you need a custom size? What if the piece is square and you really need something that will hang vertically? Or what happens when YOUR perfect piece is purchased before you can get your significant other into the gallery to agree that it is indeed, the answer to your empty wall dilemma?

Don't worry! Did you know that many of our artists are more than happy to work on custom commissions? Commissioning a piece of art does not have to be a stressful prospect! The gallery is here to facilitate the entire process. We can arrange an initial on-site consultation to view your space, assist in articulating ideas and details to the artist, and ensure that your custom piece is installed beautifully.

Before deciding to commission any artwork, make sure that you are familiar with and love the artist’s particular style of painting. A photo-realistic painter will not likely be open to adding looser brushstrokes into compositions. Likewise, an artist who only works in neutrals may not want to suddenly explore using vibrant reds. Commissions are great options for clients who are looking to revisit the color palette of a past "sold" painting or need a specific size piece for their wall.

What else makes a commission a great option?

When you decide to ask an artist to create a special piece for your space, the artist knows that you trust in his or her artistic vision. At the same time, you can also expect that the artist will have a clear understanding of your expectations before agreeing to begin work on a painting. One of the best aspects for many clients is knowing that the artist is creating a unique piece with your space in mind throughout the entire process.

Atlanta based Jennifer J. L. Jones is one Stellers Gallery artist who really enjoys the commission experience. The image above shows the installation of Shanti, a 60x72 in. painting that was custom designed for this client’s dining room. Jones says, “I believe that keeping all of the elements in mind when creating a custom piece is so important. It takes special attention to detail and feel, but is completely worth it when you see the outcome. I love the harmony that a custom painting can provide for a space when it’s installed.”

Shanti was commissioned by Schulte Design Associates
Photography courtesy of Jessie Preza

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