Capturing the Light of Northeast Florida

Path Into The Enchanted Forest L  Medium

New works by local artist John Tassey convey the gorgeous effect of sunlight in the Northeast Florida region. Whether it is the soft glow of morning sunshine on the beach or the forest's dappled tree limbs on a sunny day, his treatment of light and shadow capture the essence of our area.

Tassey loves the outdoors. He spends much of his time walking though the woods and along the beach, as well as fishing from his canoe. Living on the beautiful Amelia Island in Florida, Tassey finds inspiration for his paintings in the scenes of nature that he witnesses first hand every day. Rather than painting in the detailed manner of photo-realism, Tassey is more interested in creating an impression of reality. At close range, the viewer can discern an array of multi-colored dabs of color defining the bark of a tree trunk or a sandy pathway leading through the woods. Yet, as the viewer moves farther away from the canvas, these deftly placed brushstrokes blend together to create texture and give depth to his compositions. Seeing Tassey's work in person is to be transported to some of our area's most stunning locations, where you can almost put your toes in the sand and smell the salty sea breeze.

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