Painting and Passages

A working artist traveling by sea.

After living in Atlanta for 25 years, we expunged ourselves of all of our stuff and left our land life for a new adventure living aboard a 42 Kadey Krogen trawler named Forever Exploring. Over the last four years we’ve explored 12,000 nautical miles on the East Coast from Ontario to the Bahamas, and now the British Columbian coast and across the Gulf of Alaska to Kodiak Island and the Kenai Outer Coast.

Continuing my passion for painting was a paramount decision for beginning our nautical nomadic life and has only caused to enrich our journey.

With an unconventional lifestyle must also come unconventional work environments. My studios since living aboard have included an old bait shack in Beaufort, SC; a houseboat in Stewart, Florida; a store front in the San Jaun Islands overlooking Friday Harbor, WA; and an abandoned dockside canvas shop in Sidney, BC among others. However, my favorite studio is painting on the aft deck while at anchor, listening to the water lap against the boat with the New York skyline in the distance or the call of a Trumpeter Swan in Prince William Sound Alaska.

Painting on a boat and in a myriad of locations, my medium of choice for the last 25 years also needed to change. Throwing out the oil paints for technical and environmental reasons, I now work in watercolor, inks, charcoal, and oil pastel. I love change, adventure and a challenge so a new medium fits the bill.

So much of my work and life may be in flux, but the creative outlet of painting is part of my being. I cannot not paint. I am fortunate to be living the subject matter of my artwork and hope it evokes universal memories for all who love the water as much as I.

I am Forever Exploring the world by sea and through my art. Thank you for coming with me.

Hillary Whitaker Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach
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