Plum-colored, juicy red wine in a paper-thin glass goblet, two bare feet pressed gently onto a water-glistened sandy beach, chipped tile on a weathered patio floor, a sun-kissed façade of a French chalet, and the luminescent fire of a candle are just a few of the extensive subjects Laura Lacambra Shubert represents with her loose, yet splendidly elegant brushstrokes.

Light and shadow perform as the key elements in each creation where strategic, yet seemingly effortless strokes of bright white acrylic paint depict an intense sunlight on sculpted outdoor boxwood. Tints & tones of gray offer dramatic shadows underneath a simple stack of plates, and contribute to the movement of a multitude of creases in a chef’s apron.

“I like art that can communicate to people who don’t have a doctorate in art history. Anyone can feel or get something from my paintings. I’m seeking an intuitive and emotional response from the viewer.”

Shubert was born in Durham, North Carolina, raised in Florida and Spain, and at a young age chose art as a career. Laura received a B.F.A. from Southern Methodist University where she studied painting, drawing and printmaking. Shortly after, she studied painting at the Academie Port Royal in Paris, France. In 2000, she was named a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London, England (established in 1754).

Shubert's work can be found in private and corporate collections in the United States and abroad. Her work is exhibited in several galleries throughout the United States.

Laura Lacambra Shubert resides in Winter Park, Florida.

Hillary Whitaker Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach
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